Better Decorating Choice: Curtains Or Blinds?

Do you agree that finally having a place to call your own is one of the greatest achievement you certainly are proud of? On the other hand, moving to a new and bigger office is another progress you were aiming for and attained it!

Regardless, if it is for your home or office, you cannot dismiss the idea on which are the better decorating selections: curtains or blinds?

Here are the facts and decorating ideas you need to tips and information you can apply.

For lounges and living areas:

Drapes are also called as curtains, and in truth, they breathe an impact of relaxation and coziness to any room it dominates. Furthermore, it does give the space a “homey” ambiance and an interesting taste of range in decorative taste that will truly reflect one’s preference and style. When it comes to blinds, it is indeed ever flexible, however, it gives a more prompt and orderly feel to space.

Your decision will rely on your preferred usage of either choice, if you wish a more vibrant and luxurious room aura or an orderly and organized one.

Kitchen area:

Without any doubt, blinds are the most appropriate selection for this space. For the reason that, it is easier to clean and does not pose an additional threat to fire-related cases. Venetian blinds are the best sellers because it is versatile and free from any heavy maintenance.


Back then, you may have noticed that many people prefer long and pleated drapes to add to their bedrooms, due to its dramatic and cozy effect. Nonetheless, in terms of style and design, blinds are becoming a new favorite trend.

Nevertheless, the basis still complies to the actual space you have. For instance, the bedroom is small and you want to create a bigger area. Blinds can give that to you.