Do Singapore Laws Require A Fire Extinguisher In Your Home?

The government may seem to be far away in affairs to the public in terms of buildings, but they have their own ways to do what will be best for you. Other than paying the taxes and filing up for building permits, they also want to make sure you’re safe within the place by passing the law requiring fire extinguishers in buildings.

Life In Singapore

Here in Singapore, expect towering buildings and evolving economy. It is such a great place here—sophisticated, clean, and very particular when it comes to safety as well. Living here would be such a bliss, and getting a home that is connected to other homes (like cluster homes and condos) is common here, and everywhere you look, there will always be a place for you. These types of homes will require the owner to place a fire extinguisher singapore all around because it still falls under the building category.

Having Your Own Home In Singapore

This will be a different case. As of now, there is no existing law that requires you to have a fire extinguisher singapore in your own, personal homes… but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have one. Looking into the importance of safety, this is a way to make your home a much safer place upon possession of a fire extinguisher. It is not mandatory; however, this is a thing you need to consider. Imagine you had a fire in your home. You’d commonly be rushing to your bathroom to splash some water. Sometimes, that act could even trigger more fires to blast. We do not have the right resources at times, and it will be such a horror to just watch all these happenings right before your eyes and you cannot do much about it than to wait for the fire truck—that’s not good.