DJ Headphone Basics: You Need Great Sound At High Volumes

One of the basics when it comes to headphones for djs is that they have certain qualities that make one model or brand preferable to another. These include how comfortable they are, how good they deliver the bass, high, and mids, how heavy they are, how open they are to background noise, and how high of a volume can they produce the sound in.

High Volume
High volume when it comes to a dj headphone is simple enough to understand. The headphones should be able to deliver sounds at a high volume. However, one problem with playing something with a high volume is that it distorts the sound and instead of the clear and rich sound, one only hears a jumble of bass and static. As such, looking for headphones that are capable of producing sounds in high volume without sacrificing its quality is important.

Importance of High Volume
With numerous disadvantages such as a high risk of sound distortion and loss of hearing associated when it comes to a dj headphone with a high volume, why is it even important? One should just disregard such quality when getting headphones. Well, the answer to that is simple. Think of a club on a Friday night. A lot of people are dancing and having fun, listening to the tunes played by the DJ in his booth. They are making noise which adds to the loudness of the music in the club, so how does one expect the DJ to mix tracks if they can’t even hear the music they want to mix with the one currently playing? Without headphones with a high volume, they are less likely to be able to line up the beats and tempo of the two songs properly, leading to poor music being blasted inside the club.