What Do Wild Rabbits Eat – And Should You Feed A Pet The Same Way?

For those who doesn’t know, there are two basic categories of rabbits. The first one is the domesticated rabbits, and the other one is the wild rabbits. Their category simply describes their habitat or their environment. In short, a domesticated rabbit is the common pet rabbits that can be seen around us, while a wild rabbit is a rabbit that lives in the wild. In this article, we will focus more on wild rabbits so that later we can answer the question, what do wild rabbits eat?

Same Food for the Same Animal
Both wild and domesticated rabbits’ best diet is hay. For rabbits in wild, 80% to 90% of their diet is from hay. Especially in the wild where a majority of the hay can just be seen in their surroundings, rabbits do not have to find other food for themselves anymore. Here are some reasons why hay is important for rabbits:

  • Hay contains a large amount of fiber which is needed by rabbits for their digestive system. Gastrointestinal stasis, a common disease for rabbits who experienced a lack of fiber in the body.
  • Chomping of hay is beneficial for rabbits since their teeth are continuously growing throughout their life which may be dangerous for themselves.
  • Chewing of hay can strengthen a rabbit’s jaw.

When other weather is present, hay is not the only food available for rabbits. Vegetables and fruits can also be found in the wild which is also good for a rabbit’s health. So here is the answer to the question what do wild rabbits eat. It is not that different from the food available for domesticated rabbits. The slight difference between the two is that there are other foods that can be found in the wild especially in different seasons which may be eaten by rabbits there.